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Australia's only education awards list selected entirely by educators.


At Edleaders, we believe in transformational leadership that drives impact and positive change in schools and education more broadly.  The 2023 Edleaders Impact List sponsored by Schoolbox aims to celebrate the diverse group of individuals who work tirelessly to bring about impactful change in their learning community. These individuals are thought ‘doers’, activators, 'system' nudgers, innovators, and advocates. They do not exclusively come from the educator ranks, but are people who work 'in' and 'on' the business of schools.

Edleaders would like to thank the selectors - Adriano Di Prato, Mathilda Joubert, David Mulford, Dr Anne Knock & Louka Parry, as well as one other selector who wished to remain anonymous. We appreciate your time in considering your selections, and further information about each selector can be found at the bottom of the list.  

We congratulate the 2023 Edleaders Impact List and hope that you will join us in celebrating the impact that they are having in their immediate and broader education communities.

Meet The Selectors

Edleaders would like to thank the following members of the education community for their assistance in the curation of the 2023 Edleaders Impact List. We would also like to recognise the 6th member of the panel who wished to remain anonymous.

Adriano di Prato.jpg

Adriano Di Prato

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Author, Broadcaster, and Academic Operations Manager at LCI Melbourne

Adriano is the Academic Operations Manager at LCI Melbourne, a progressive art and design institute part of a global network of 23 campuses founded as LaSalle College International in Montreal Canada for 60 years ago. He is co-host of leading Australian educational podcast, #GameChangers, and co-author of the Hawker Brownlow Education bestseller book, ‘Game Changers: Leading Today’s Learning for Tomorrow’s World.’

Mathilda Joubert.jpg

Mathilda Joubert

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Director of Excellence and Innovation at Sheridan Institute, President ACEL WA


Mathilda lectures in creativity, school improvement, leadership, management and research methods in both the Faculties of Education and Business. She is currently the President of the Australian Council for Educational Leadership (ACEL) in Western Australian and has facilitated successful school improvement programs in more than 500 schools around the world.


Mathilda’s expertise in creativity and innovation is recognised internationally across the education, arts, business and voluntary sectors.


Dr. Anne Knock

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Consultant & Director Leadership and Culture

With significant experience in the education sector as a teacher and system leader, Anne is now a consultant in school transformation and spends much of her time re-imagining the place of learning and work through a future-focused lens.

Anne has worked across Australia, and in New Zealand, Hong Kong, Canada and France. Since 2020 she has led international study tours for education and design professionals to Europe, Scandinavia and the UK.


Louka Parry

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CEO + Founder of The Learning Future


The Learning Future supports schools, systems and companies to thrive in tomorrow’s world. An Australian Top 100 Innovator, he is a former teacher and became a school principal at only 27 years old, awarded the Inspirational Public Secondary Teacher of the Year for South Australia. Louka works globally (in English and Spanish) and has supported tens of thousands of educators and leaders globally to increase their positive impact.

David Mulford.jpg

David Mulford

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Dr David Mulford was a School Principal of three independent schools from 1992 to 2018. His last appointment was as Headmaster of Newington College from 2009–2018. 

His qualifications include a Bachelor of Economics, Masters of Education and a Doctorate of Education. In addition, he is a graduate of the AICD and a Fellow of ACEL.

Dr Mulford has an educational leadership consulting business and volunteers with a number of charities.

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