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Navigate and accelerate your journey as a leader with Edleaders+

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EdLeaders+ Candidate requirements

  • School Leader - This could be an early, middle, senior leadership role, through to executive leadership role within your organization.

  • An established career with 5+ years of experience, sorry - this community is not for graduate teachers.

  • Desire to drive impact in education

  • Openness to supporting others to improve their own leadership skills.

  • Commitment to growth of your leadership mindset 

Online Mastermind

  • A curated group of School Leaders

  • Develop in your professional capacity, 10 sessions per year.

Joining the Edleaders+ is a relatively small investment for the benefit your School Community will receive. Can your community really not afford to invest in your future and therefore their future?

In the EdLeaders+ community we guarantee you will find connection, challenge, and growth. And if after 90 days, you're not satisfied we will refund your money. 

Everybody wins when a leader grows.


Submit your applicatio to join the EdLeaders+ All Access Community Waitlist to level up your leadership today. We'll be launching in mid 2023! 

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