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We are always looking for interesting guests to be on the Edleaders podcast. We simply love to hear from leaders from across any sector of education who are keen to share their journey, their learnings and their experiences with other like minded education leaders from across the globe. Or if you come from outside the world of education, but could add value for our audience we'd love to hear from you too.    

We ask that guests be willing to share their episode before and after its published with your audience, network, school, mailing list and social channels as well as write a short review of your experience.

We also value collaborating with like-minded leaders and other podcasters to share ideas, cross guest and cross promote to our relevant audiences. 

Please fill in the form below to register your interest in being a guest or collaborating with Edleaders

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Love the Podcast and want to sponsor the show? 

We have an unrivalled opportunity for companies and organisations that provide solutions and services to the education sector by providing an authentic, meaningful and engaging format for connecting with school leaders from across all sectors.

Think about how hard it is to connect meaningfully with customers at conferences and trade show booths? With podcast advertising, we have the opportunity to leverage the trust our audience has with our brand and hosts in interesting and novel ways. 

We will only work with brands where we think there is mutual values alignment and where there is value for our audience in the product, service or promotion. In the case of promotions, we prefer partners to offer direct landing page, or coupon code with an offer to allow tracking conversions.

We offer 3 categories of ad positioning.

Pre-roll – a 15 second ad at the start of the show, usually before the main topic of the episode has begun.
Mid-roll – a 1 minute ad in the middle of the show, or in the middle of the main topic discussion.
Post-roll – a short ad at the end of the show, usually after the main topic has ended.

Potential Partners

Learning Management Systems

Systems Integrations

Online Content

HR Solutions

E Commerce Solutions

Administrative Management Systems



Tertiary Education Providers

Employee Loyalty & Engagement

ICT Products and Solutions

Facilitate Management

Activites and Service Providers

Wellbeing Products and Services


Publishing and Content Creation


Edu Apps

Peak Bodies


We offer broad integrated partnerships that go beyond the podcast. Contact us below for more information on our audience demographics and costs.

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