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Taking the show to the people, an Edleaders “Live Podcast” brings a different vibe to your event. 

The Live Podcast replaces the standard interview panel or fireside chat, with an experience that is more engaging to your audience, by hosts that already have a social following, and have significant experience interviewing school leaders and eliciting interesting and useful insights and takeaways for the audience. 

Our “Live” format brings a different energy to the room and could cover any  conference stream - sustainability, wellbeing or leadership. 

Engaging meet and greet opportunity for your attendees – many of which may already be listeners

Opportunity to market the conference or event to the Edleaders audience before the event.

Live recording distributed through the EdLeaders Podcast Channel and Youtube

(if video supported by the event)

Keynote speakers aren't cheap, so get more bang for your keynote dollar with follow-up feature interviews of keynote speakers you're already paying to be at the conference.

(recorded in a mobile studio at the conference for later use in social media etc or release in collaboration with Edleaders.)


Short 2-3 minute Video Vox Pop with other presenters or attendees for use on event social media

Social Media Takeovers

Lift the energy in the room and engage your audience with an Edleaders live podcast, and take your event to the next level. Your attendees will thank you for it.

Keynote Speaking | Fireside Chat | Panel Facilitation | Workshops | Q&A

Edleaders are also experienced keynote speakers, panel facilitators and workshop presenters. Edleaders can be engaged for education conferences, leadership forums and workshops.




Edleaders regularly speak on a range of topics including:

Strategic Planning


Leading Transformation


Leading Innovation and Change 

Creating Cultures of Professional Trust

Emerging Trends in Education


Working With Boards

Understanding 'Jobs To Be Done' 

Character Development

What gets measured in education and why?

Why every School leader should be using LinkedIn?

The Future of Learning


Creating Eco-systems For Learning and Teaching

If you are looking for engaging and thought provoking professional speakers, please do connect to see how our team can help yours.

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