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Edleaders was founded on the idea that you rarely hear real discussions of what K-12 school leadership actually entails, and it's seldom found in social media streams or in ongoing professional learning. Luke and Mathew wanted to create a space where we interviewed leaders about their lived experiences so they may impart their wisdom and expertise and pay it forward to the next generation of school leaders. We aimed to create a podcast beyond a 'thought leadership' paradigm, designed for leaders with a growth mindset, so that we create impact on the collective development of leadership capability across all sectors of education. Edleaders is part of the Educational Futures Group.

Luke Callier

With a unique background that spans both the corporate, not-for-profit and education sectors, I bring a different lens to school leadership, education and K-12 schools and hope to impact education more broadly at a national level. 

An innovative and thoughtful leader who is most at home influencing from the side with an uncanny ability to ask the right question at the right time.

Traveler - 40 Countries and counting... Family + Caravaning + Runner + Basketball + Coffee + Entrepreneur + Shoes + Adelaide Crows 


👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 | 🏃🏻‍♂️ | 🏀 | 👟 | 🏝| ☕️ | 👨🏻‍💻 | 🎙| 🕔 am club


Mathew Irving

An energetic, innovative and passionate educator with a school leadership experience in strategy, innovation, change management, academic excellence and administration.

An educator for the entirety of his professional career, it is a calling to vocation that was seeded early and he's never looked back.

Along the way, he's developed keen interest and expertise in strategic planning, professional development, building design, project development, learning architecture, executive workshop facilitation and leadership coaching. My greatest professional joy is the experience of ideation, joining dots and executing change.

Family time | Jazz Piano | Politics | Kayak fishing | Camping and travelling wide open spaces of WA | Cricket | Canberra Raiders

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