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Weekly Newsletter | 1 May 2020

At Edleaders we're passionate about about bringing real value to those out there who are interested in the same things we are - and that anything that's relevant to current and future leadership of Education in Australia. We're all time poor - so to get started and as way of adding value for you - each week we're going to curate the 3 most interesting reads of the week. So lets get to this weeks reads:

The World Economic Forum thinks schools should be doubling down on 10 key skills. The question is are we capable of teaching them explicitly?

  • Cognitive flexibility - to switch between ways of thinking about a concept and the ability to think about multiple concepts simultaneously. Which subjects are you teaching this in?

  • Coordinate with others - slightly different to collaboration - does this happen in your classrooms in year 11 or 12?

  • Does your approach to service really prepare students for having a Service Orientation?

Check out the Inc article here:

Where does your culture at your school stem from - the Students, Staff, Leaders or the Board?

Leadership experts have long argued that culture starts at the top and Gary Martin discusses how an effective leadership group with a diverse skill set and a healthy respect for each other can positively influence the entire school.

We all know how much it takes to manage rogue or toxic staff members, would the stats be the same if we understood more about potential employees before selecting?

  • Is a one hour interview really telling you what you need to know?

  • What data could you ask for rom experienced teachers to support their application?

  • When was the last time you got more than a token question from the interviewee at the end of an interview?

  • Talk us through how you would use a digital LMS to supplement your in class room teaching?

In this insightful article by Rod Kefford he discusses how you can learn a lot from the questions they ask you.

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